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Nordic Walkers are welcomed to join the Club

Meet new friends and Walk your way to fitness and Health! Dogs welcome if able to walk off lead.

Get your health/life back on track

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Private courses priced at £35 for six 60 minute sessions. Plus One - One classes at £25 per hour.

Nordic Walking is a great way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.
The most accessible way to exercise no matter what your age, shape, size or fitness level.
Nordic Walking is based in the natural movement patterns of walking and everyone is capable of doing it!
With the help of a qualified instructor people can improve their health and well being dramatically with Nordic Walking. Price £35 per starter course of seven 60 minute sessions.

Some of the Health Benefits include:

Weight Loss – Burns about 400 calories per hour (compared with 280 calories per hour for normal walking)
An all-over body workout using 90% of the body's muscles.
Does not aggravate joint problems as walking is assisted with the poles. Older people with mobility issues or with poor balance and coordination feel more stable and confident when walking with poles. The involvement of the arms reduces impact on the lower back, hips and knees, and therefore makes walking longer distances more sustainable for people with musculoskeletal problems.
Releases muscle tension and pain in the neck and shoulder region.
The rotational mobility of the neck and spine increases significantly.
Poles are a safety factor on slipper surfaces.
Improves mental well-being, can alleviate depression and relieve insomnia.
Increases demand on cardio-vascular system and is appropriate for heart patients as it is an efficient way to increase fitness and endurance. The use of poles gives the optimal training effect, since the upper body is active during walking.

NORDIC WALKING is often called ‘Pilates on Poles’, this is a great way to exercise and enjoy the great British outdoors. Nordic walking is a great way to exercise and accelerate your weight loss
Tones Arms (bingo wings), Abdominals, Waist, Chest, Bottom, Hips and Thighs
Ideal for people with knee and joint problems (less impact on the joints)
Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes
Suitable for most ages - a great family activity.

Please call 0754 0234 976 / 01903 751106

The Nordic Walking Club is now run by its own members which allows you to join them for a number of different walks throughout the Summer.

Tel: 01903 751106
Sompting, Lancing, West Sussex, UK
Linda Rusby - Training and Qualifications
Personal Training & Advanced Instruction Reps Level 4
Low Back Pain
Gym Instruction NVQ Level 2
Nutrition For Sport & Exercise
GP & Exercise Referral Reps Level 3
Mat Pilates Fundamentals OCR Level 2
Circuit Training
Torso Training & Core Stability
Psychology Of Behaviour Change
INWA Nordic Walking Instructor