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Personal Training for Lower Back Pain Management

The correct exercise for Sub-Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pains has been proven to be one of the best intervention strategies for Lower Back Pain.  Each session is designed specifically for your individual Lower Back condition, supporting long term pain management.  A holistic approach to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles to relieve your lower back pain.


This treatment can also be used in conjunction with Sports massage to give optimal effect.  Please call or email to discuss further. Discounted price on request.


Qualified Rehab Trainer -  Exercise for the rehabilitation of Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Ankle Injuries.

Post Physio clients welcome to extend their rehabilitation programme and promote optimal recovery.


Rehabilitation Training can also be used together with sports massage to promote optimal recovery.

Discounted price on request.  Please call or email for more information


It has been proved that exercise and movement has significant importance in managing Lower Back Pain. I have worked with clients with muscular lower back pain as well as with clients with Scoliosis, Bulging Disc, Sacroiliac dysfunction; all of whom have benefited from this form of rehabilitation training. Strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles, working on deep core stabilising muscles to alleviate back pain

Warm Up
Pelvic X-Ray
Linda Rusby
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